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FSFTN Videos Team

The aim of the SIG is to prepare Videos on FOSS Tools and Technologies and to make the content affordable at all level under Creative Commons License

The List of Videos can be found here

Video Contents

  • FOSS Tools and Technologies
  • F-Droid App Reviews
  • Video Tutorials in Tamil
  • Weekly/Monthly Community Updates
  • Other Important News and Discussions
  • Movies and Documentary Reviews
  • Creative Contents in the field of FOSS, Technology, Books, Commons, etc
  • And Lots More …

The Process

  • The Team will meet at the weekends to prepare a Content, Concept or Talk about the updates that happened that week.
  • Content Preparation, Camera, On Screen, Editing will be done on the day.
  • All the activities will be coordinated in a group consisting of all the interested volunteers
  • Volunteers are encouraged to take up any responsibility that they are interested in and contribute to the Commons

Skills Interested In

  • Video Editing
  • Content Preparation
  • Acting/Performance
  • Camera Handling
  • Team Work

FSFTN Video Channels


Mobile 8838316570
Email [email protected]

The Videos will be uploaded to FSFTN Accounts in Peertube, Youtube and Facebook under Creative Commons License

The activity will start this Summer covering a wide range of Topics, Apps, Concepts, etc. Interested volunteers can contact with the details provided above and join the team. Let's talk FOSS 8-)

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