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 +====== Session Guidelines ======
 +Below are some of the guidelines that FSFTN follows Before & After a Session in an Institution,​
 +  * Gather details about the Venue either it is College, Institution,​ School, etc.
 +  * Make note of the target audience and no. of people you are going to address
 +  * Ask interested volunteers to take the session. One Core member is recommended
 +  * Take **FSFTN Card** along with you which has all the details in it.
 +  * Select session topics with a combination of Talks, Technical Sessions and Hands-on. Make sure to talk about the Free Software and Knowledge Commons aspect in each of these.
 +  * Interaction with the participants in most important
 +  * Make a note of the session organizers (from School or College) and team leaders. It is a +1 for leadership skills.
 +  * Get the details of the Contact person from the Venue 3 or 4 days prior to the session
 +  * Communicate the speaker profile of the volunteers to the contact person
 +  * Make a personal checklist of things to do on the day before
 +  * After the session, have an interactive talk with the staffs and coordinators about the usage of FOSS in their college, forming a User group in their college. This would nurture the relationship with the college in a better way
 +  * Don't forget to take a group picture at the end of the session. This would serve as a memory and future inspiration :-)
 +  * After the technical sessions have been completed, in the end, Take about FSFTN and why we are here and how they could join us.
 +  * Talk about **GLUG Formation** and the knowledge sharing point of it.
 +  * Before leaving, ask written feedback from the participants. This is would help us review our standards.
 +  * After reaching home, make sure we have a review meeting about what happened there, with other volunteers either through Phone or Direct meetings.
 +  * Post pictures of the session in Facebook, Twitter, **Mastodon, Riot Matrix**, Flickr, etc
 +  * Make a write-up on it on our [[https://​​blog|Blog]]
 +  * With the writeup send a mail to [[|FSFTN Mailing List]] and a brief report to [[|FSFTN Core]]
 +  * Submit expenses details for the session during the review meeting
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