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The strength of Community depends upon the Volunteer Participation and Contributions that take the community to the next level. FSFTN guides College Students, Volunteers, to participate in community contribution. It can be either Dev, Documentation, Localisation, etc. There are lots of FOSS Projects that require a contribution in the mentioned three levels.

Below is the list of Projects that are currently handled by FSFTN,

Project Description Platform Tools Status Contact
FSFTN Map A Map for FSFTN representing the GLUGs, CCs, etc Web JS, Leaflet Progress Radhakrishnan
FSFTN Website Build a UI/UX Design for FSFTN Website Web HTML, CSS Open Unassigned
Wiktionary Audio A Web Application to Upload Audio to Wiktionary Web Not Chosen Open Unassigned
Wiktionary Audio An Android Application to Record & Upload Audio to Wiktionary Android Java, Retrofit Progress Manimaran
Wiktionary A Simple Android Application for Wiktionary Android Java Progress Manimaran
Podcast Record Audio/Video on interesting FOSS Topics for the Community Video OBS, Audio Recorder, Openshot Open Balaji
Olipedia Playlist for Converted Tamil Wikipedia articles into audio using TTS Web Vue.js, Vuetify Progress Velu
Kallukuttai Community Network A Community Network Setup for Kallukuttai Network Open Balaji
Fix QuikWikiEditor To Proofread WikiSource Firefox Plugin Open Balaji
Kaniyam Foundation Projects List of Community Projects mostly related to Tamil Language Open Balaji
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