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Localisation Efforts

The usage of FOSS gets increased mainly based on its connectivity to the local context. One of the ways is to translate the frequently used FOSS Apps to the local language. Some of the translation requirements are listed below,

*NYS - Not Yet Started

*TBU - To be Updated

App Usage Status Contact Contributors Percentage Completed
NewPipe A FOSS App to view Youtube Videos Progress Radhakrishnan Radhakrishnan 34%
Peertube A self-hosted platform for Video Hosting and Sharing Progress Balaji Balaji
Koha A Library Management System Progress Balaji Balaji
HotOSM Translate HOT Tasking Manager for OSM Open Balaji NYS
TrebleShot Open-Source Android application that allows you to send and receive files over available connections Progress Manimaran Manimaran, Balaji 43%
SearX Self-hosted, Decentralized, Privacy friendly meta search engine Progress Prasanna Prasanna, Balaji, Lenin, Maniraj, Arunekumar, Poorajith, Manimaran, Saran Kumar 80%
Syncthing Decentralized, Secure File Transfer & Sync (Android, Desktop) Solution Open Balaji NYS
OSMAnd Global Mobile Map Viewing and Navigation for Online and Offline OSM Maps Progress Sriram Poorajith, Shriram Nisanth, Muthukrthika
Blokada FOSS Ad Blocker for Android Progress Balaji Balaji

Completed Translations

App Usage Members Involved
CitizenApp A OSM-based navigation and City explorer Balaji
Tusky Mastodon client for Android Manimaran
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