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Walk to the Street Todo

Flyer Design

  • FSFTN Logo visibility
  • The Campaign message visibility
  • Proper colors for the Flyer


  • Clean Clothes (FSFTN T-Shirt Recommended)

On the Day

  • Minimum of 10 volunteers required
  • Always meet people in a group not in individual (this makes people afraid)
  • No issuing flyers alone, never
  • Approach People, Smile, Say Hello, Handover the Flyer, Explain shortly and Say Thank You :-)
  • If someone doesn't accept the flyer, leave them with a smile, keep the flyer at the bottom and proceed with the new flyer to the next person
  • One Mini Flyer + One Folder with more information about the Event, Campaign, etc.
  • Flyers Stock + Water + Snacks - 1 Person
  • Manage & Divide Groups, Lead - 1 or 2 Persons
  • People feel positive when same flyer give by various groups of people at the arena
  • Be prepared for the questions from the people, in case of doubt, handover the folder with more information to the person
  • Target - 1000 flyers/hour
  • Clear torn flyers, pieces from the arena
  • Posters around the arena is preferable

Poster Handling

Volunteers req. - 3

  • To hold the poster over the wall
  • To stick the poster with a paste
  • To explain passersby about the poster
  • Target - 100 posters over the city


  • Organisation Pamphlet
  • Stickers
  • Helium filled baloons with FSFTN Name & Logo

Rallies & Protests

  • Have atleast a list of 10 people to talk
  • Get permission from Police for usage of Speakers and Mic
  • Invite speakers from other organisation who support the same cause
  • Proper venue is important
  • When people are angry about things that happened recently, they join the rally automatically
  • Inform media about the rally in advance
  • Media comes, interviews, take pictures and leaves
  • Send proper press release
  • Take pictures and videos

The points here are inspired from the Book SwarmWise by Rick Falkvinge

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