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GLUG Meetups

GLUG Meetups happen every fortnight in respective Regional GLUGs and Weekdays in respective College GLUGs according to the college schedule. The Regional GLUG Meetups are open for public and anyone can attend the meeting and can participate in Knowledge Sharing.

Below is the Checklist of conducting Weekend Meetups in Regional GLUGs,

  • Fix the sessions for the next week meetup in the previous meeting itself. This would avoid confusions and leads to a clear decision in terms of GLUG interests
  • Finalise the Poster on Wednesday itself for the meetup on Sunday. Reach out to maximum college students in the next three days through our Social media handles
  • Publish our event in FSFTN or the GLUGs Social Media handles. Provide the complete information on the post
  • Fix the sessions for the meetup - One with specialized content with some external speaker and other with one our GLUG member who is learning something new
  • Invite new volunteers to take sessions and train them accordingly and give productive feedback
  • Core GLUG team should discuss the progress of the meetup in an individual and collective manner. This is will be the place to review the GLUG progress by the organizing team
  • Motivate and Encourage the interests of the volunteers of the GLUG which directly contributes to the growth of the GLUG
  • Share the Meeting info such as Summary, Event Details, Activity, etc in Mailing List and in the respective GLUG's blog
  • Invite volunteers from new colleges in your region for every meetup and follow up with them. This will expand our contacts with most of the colleges around the region
  • Get feedback from the attendees after the meetup, about the sessions and other activities
  • Plan for a Civic Action once in a month and engage active volunteers in organizing it
  • Record the session of every meetup using tools like OBS or live stream it directly in our organization handle
  • Upload the recorded videos in Youtube and share the links
  • Share the pics taken in our Social Media and GLUG Groups after the Meetup
  • Spend time with the volunteers after the meetup as it would increase their bonding with us
  • Gather contacts of new volunteers in every meeting

Note:- The above points are to be considered in general and needs to be modified with respect to the characteristics of each and every Regional GLUG. Some points may even be applied to the College GLUG Meetups also.

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