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 +====== GLUG Learning Paths ======
 +  * The First Meeting of a new GLUG will have the introduction of all its Members with an FSFTN EC Member as Chair for the Meeting. A GLUG Coordinator will be elected for the GLUG during the meeting.
 +  * After Introduction, a group will be formed with the GLUG members preferably in Signal App or Matrix Elementary Client.
 +  * **GNU/Linux Install Fest** and installation of a GNU/Linux Operating System for all the GLUG Members.
 +  * FOSS Alternative Tools for Desktop, Android apps, etc. Installation and Usage, Exploration on the same day.
 +  * After these basic setups, a series of technical sessions needs to be planned to improve the skills of the GLUG members and Knowledge Sharing at the Community Level.
 +  * **A series of 6 sessions** can be planned with a meeting every 15 days for a period of 3 months.
 +  * Every meeting can be a combination of a Technical Session, Current Issues, Policy Level Discussions & Lightning Talks by the Members of the GLUG.
 +  * Once this regalar process is followed, we can have a review of the GLUG proceedings every 3 months and adopt to the situations accordingly.
 +**Note**:- The above mentioned steps are just a guidance to the GLUGs from FSFTN EC and the GLUGs are free to modify and customize it according to their own nature.
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