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Chennai GNU/Linux Users Group

The Chennai GLUG was formed in the year 2018 and is affiliated to FSFTN in our List of Regional GLUGs around Tamil Nadu.

Coordination Committee Members

  • Minat Silvester
  • Poorajith
  • Rajalakshmi
  • Survesh

The Committee was formed on 09/06/2019 at FSFTN Office in Thiyagaraya Nagar

Aims & Objectives

  • To create awareness among the masses in Chennai in the field of Free Software, Knowledge Sharing, Free Culture through Meetings, Field Works, Social Media Campaigning and all other possible means
  • To conduct regular technical meetings in Chennai and share Knowledge empowered with FOSS Tools and Technologies and educate College students around the region
  • To bridge Knowledge Gap and address Digital Divide in various regions in Chennai and carry on activities empowering them with Digital Literacy
  • To conduct Social Media & Physical Campaigns under the guidance of FSFTN relating to the current issues in the Digital Space threatening Freedom and Privacy
  • To take part and conduct regular Public activities engaging the masses and reaching out to new set of people and prioritize collective learning

Roles & Responsibilities

  • The Committee is responsible for all the activities related to Chennai GLUG affiliated to FSFTN
  • The Committee will organize the GLUG Meetings of Chennai GLUG at FSFTN Office in Chennai
  • The Committee will be guided and supported by FSFTN Core Committee for the activities in Chennai
  • The Committee will send monthly report to FSFTN Core Committee about the about the month activities, along with the plan for the successive month
  • The Committee is work on bringing in new volunteers to Chennai GLUG Meetings from various Colleges in Chennai
  • No activities or events will be organized in Chennai GLUG without prior notice and approval from the Committee or FSFTN Core Committee
  • The activities of the Committee will be reviewed regularly and at the end of 6 months, the overall activities of the Committe will be analyzed and change to Committee will be made accordingly
  • The FSFTN Core Committee will be responsible for the Committee and at any time may interfere with the proceedings and make changes in emergency situation


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