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Android Development

Date Venue
30-12-2018 FSFTN Office, Thoraipakkam, Chennai



This is a one-day workshop that aims to educate the basics of an android application along with the concepts related to handling API requests with JSON and creating a simple offline DB.


Time Concept
9 - 10.30 Android Basics: Layouts, Buttons and Other Widgets
10.30 - 11 Break with Activity
11 - 1.30 API handling with JSON
1.30 - 2.30 Lunch
2.30 - 3.30 FOSS
3.30 - 5.30 Login module with Offline DB
5.30 - 6 Certificate Distribution


  • Participants should bring their laptops with Android studio pre-installed.
  • Cell phone charging cable to connect their phone to laptop and preview the application
  • Laptop should have atleast 4 GB of RAM

Good to Have

Very basic knowledge in Java and OOPS

Post Workshop Experience

Speaker's Experience

I had a very good experience on my first one-day workshop at FSFTN. This was the first time I handled a crowd with different streams with different knowledge levels, as the crowd had students from the second, third and fourth year from IT, ECE and EEE streams and also working people. Hence it was slightly difficult for me to engage them! But according to the feedback we got a very positive response from the crowd especially a great response for the morning session. Next time I have planned to improve my time management and content delivery skills.

Summary of Feedback

  • Regarding the session, participants expect more amount of hands-on sessions, hence I suggest keeping the workshops as practical as possible to the fullest in the future.
  • Regarding the future workshops, many are interested in web development, Big data, Android, cloud computing, blockchain, AI and ML.
  • Regarding the improvements, quality of the projector can be improved.
  • Regarding the food, most of them have reported it as good.

Plans For The Future Activities

I have introduced them about F-droid and encouraged them to develop Android applications and contribute them back to the community. We are planning to keep them engaged by sharing resources periodically through a group in telegram.

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