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Who are We?

Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu (FSFTN), part of Free Software Movement of India (FSMI), is a social movement which has pledged to enlighten common man with the essence of Free Software, Free Hardware, Free Culture, Knowledge Commons and join hands together against the Privatization and Centralized Control of Knowledge.

Started in the year 2008, FSFTN has been primarily concentrating on College Workshops, Policies, Events & Campaigns. The prime source of volunteer building for FSFTN is GLUGs. The Objectives of FSFTN is to create awareness among the Public in FOSS Ecosystem, Contribute to Knowledge Commons (Wikipedia, OSM, etc), organize the masses against the Privatization of Knowledge and ensure its availability in the Commons.

Learn & Share

Self Learning is the essential concept that we focus on through the knowledge sharing sessions that happen in GLUGs and Colleges. The primary agenda of a GLUG is to guide an interested volunteer towards self-learning, explore and contribute to the Community. This part of interacting, engaging and build up a Volunteer base automatically strengthens her/him in the Socio-Economic aspects of FOSS in the current scenario. Regular Discussions and Debates through proper channels provides an effective outcome


FOSS in its own nature is anti-individualistic and community and collective oriented. The purpose of Knowledge is to be shared and should not be restricted from sharing. This is ensured when the respective group involves in Collective learning and progress. As a movement, it is our responsibility to raise our voice, involve in Administrative level decisions, take FOSS to the people through frequent organizing methods and campaigns and getting ourselves to on-field actions and apply it accordingly.


Groups are the places where people engage themselves, discuss, work on an idea and share their learning. Various groups function in various ways depending upon the target audience and the objective.

Our Activities

Events & Celebrations

  • Software Freedom Day (SFD)
  • Education Freedom Day (EFD)
  • Aaron Swartz Day
  • Document Freedom Day (DFD)
  • Mapathon (OpenStreetMap)
  • Editathon (Wikipedia)
  • Annual Camp
  • Hactivist Camp
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